Your party starts here!

Your party starts here!

After a lot of planning, lingering, and loads of cribbing to convincing to your friends to a party, is a whole lot of work to do.
Pheww...and half a job to make a party successful is done! Wait what?
Half of it is still left? Yes, and the second half is more important.
You can't keep your guests hungry, right? So selecting the perfect snack, which serves everybody's palate and nobody feels hungry after that, is the deal.

So, how do you plan to do it? Is there some rocket science behind it or is it a task possible within the blink of an eye? Well well, the possibilities of both tasks are equal. You could either have a successful hoard of snacks or you could be waiting for an end-moment misadventure!

Well, why are we here then? Boozlo has one of the finest ranges of snacks which not only gets your party started but also keeps it going. Flavorful, gourmet and so much more, we have a few recommendations for you to have your guests go on a successful ride of chomping.

Our favorite party snacks :

Natch mango slices - With fruity goodness and that perfect kick of condiments, this snack has your back. It will keep your mouth watering and wanting more. A perfect party starts with this.

Snackible cheddar cheese makhana - Health conscious but still love to snack, then the goodness of cheese mingled with the light and airy Makhanas are sure to make you go nuts in the literal sense!
You will surely ask others for this chakkhh-na.

Natch mango slices & Snackible cheddar cheese makhana

Hey wait,
These were some savory snacks and they are good to start on, but is there something to get the booze going?
Of course there is, Boozlo is never short on snacks, as fortune cookies from GleePops, the bubble of hunger will surely pop off. Delish sweet and savory baked cookies right after your order, to give a heavenly feel to your mouth..
Crunch it and there's something funny waiting for you. Adult jokes and puns, it is not only filling for the stomach but also funny and engaging at the same time.

GleePops fortune cookies

These cookies on Boozlo are sure to give you Bliss in a bite and a perfect to begin, continue or end the party. With a large group of people, these cookies get even better to eat. With fortune, misfortune, Monday motivation, and many other options, they have curated messages for every mood and occasion, never leaving you bored.


Boozlo's tip:

Plan a game around these GleePops cookies, as they have so many options, and with adult jokes, motivations, etc, your burst of laughter is guaranteed. You can even play Truth or Dare and have these cookies as a part of the dare, and every cookie will have a task for you. You are surely gonna enjoy this, as it has the goodness of both fun and food.
Voila, with Boozlo, you have your snacks and parted sorted, and enjoyment is guaranteed!

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