Is there a perfect recipe? What may be perfect for one may not be so for the other. 

Boozlo is here to help you find your perfect, in the party space that is!

From ideation to execution, Boozlo is here to provide a variety of things for you, that will keep your whole party planning process easy, enjoyable and fun.

A luxurious themed soiree, a cosy date night or just an event with your favourite people around, we strive to make your life hassle free by providing you a single platform to fulfil all your party aspirations. Boozlo provides from mixers to barware, entertainment to snacks, rolling paper to other smoking ancillaries. Browse in and we shall ensure their seamless delivery to your doorstep!


luxury one pit stop for all your event needs. Making the ideation and execution process easy, while keeping the fun factor intact.


We all like a human touch and company around us but during the pandemic the social butterfly in all of us had to stay indoors. The pandemic is when the trend of small gatherings and soirees resurfaced. But soon we realised that the majority of them had a lot of repetitive and mundane activities. We were gobsmacked to find out many people didn’t have the knowledge about very basic things about bar essentials like how to choose the liquid to your drinks, famous but easy-to-make cocktails, cool party games, difference between soda and sparkling water and so on. 

Boozlo is our humble solution to these problems. Building an informative and curative luxury e-commerce platform which provides party essentials under one roof for the new age aspirational Indians who deserve just the best.