Healthy munching - The new way out!

Healthy munching - The new way out!

Are you a calorie-conscious person, who is scared of having the smallest bites?
Pushing your inches in, and being guilty of having even the smallest chip makes you nervous.
Then there's something wrong with what you eat.
The market has surely changed and it is for the good it seems. With the new options and snacks cluttering the market, brands like Makino, and BRB, Natch in the market, even the health freaks get an escape.
From jowar puffs to baked soya chips (by Hapifuel), and multigrain chips, they have everything that one can snack on and not feel guilty about. All of them are available on and you wouldn't have to waste a single second after reading this post in ordering them.

BRB & Makino

Here are Boozlo's 5 picks for the best snacks which you can munch on and not punish yourself:

Makino Jalapeno Nacho chips:
The goodness of jalapeno packed in crunchy nachos...
It keeps you salivating, wanting those spicy tangy, and sour chips, to get you full and filled literally.
These masala munchies get the best flavors of Mexico at par with the Indian palate. Makino also has twisties, and other flavors like cheese and others, which would leave no reason for you to not love Makino.

Natch popped chips garlic and herbs:
Italy in a packet, yes, please!
Popped, actually with flavors of garlic and herbs, and too, to avoid all the unnecessary oil and fats in snacks.
The garlicky flavor of these pop chips is sure to take your taste buds on a trip and make you question - what's popping?
Being the best alternative to chips, Natch has vegan cheese puffs, thai wasabi chips, and smokey chipotle puffs to bluff all your tiredness and hunger pangs.
Yet our favorite is barbecue chickpea puffs.

BRB Rice popped chips, pudina punch flavor:
BRB's pudina punch is surely getting you back on munching but on healthy snacks. Rice pooped chips, with pudina flavor, that sour, tangy goodness will make you a fan!
Not only does it have rice-popped chips, but the potato ones, are another crowd favorite, and the assorted flavors it brings with itself, are enough to get you to go gaga over it.

Svaras Premium Assorted Khakhras:
When you can't choose one, you choose all. Sour cream and onion, oats methi, and methi khakhra will ignite that love for gujju snacks in you and get the crunch out of it in every bite.
The Mexican-smoked Chipotle and the African peri-peri are some flavors that would get your nose runny but your stomach and soul full.
Snacking them on the go, or having them with tea is what we would advise.

Hapifuel beetroot chips:
Beet, as a veggie no way! You can never call it tasty, but when it's Hapifuel and their baked chips, is it the best deal?
They are made from multigrain rather than maida or wheat, and not your typically flavored beet.
They also have baked soya chips and jowar puffs, which are healthy yet happening and also won't add to your calories but taste and happiness.

Hapifuel, Natch & Svaras

Boozlo's tip:
Makino's Jalapeno Nachos with homemade mango salsa would be the best comfort meal you would ask for.
Take equal amounts of chopped raw and sweet mangoes. Add chopped onions, bell pepper, lime, and seasonings. Mix it well and add it on top of your Makino Nachos along with a drizzle of honey and paprika powder.
This combination of flavors, I bet you, will be worth the try and you would be thanking Boozlo for it.


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