"Shh! I got a hangover"- 3 tips to cure

TIME HEALS EVERYTHING! The only mantra for that morning where everything feels less-than pleasant, dry mouth, queasiness and a splitting headache with a fuzzy memory. Here are some tips for minimizing the misery and ratcheting up recovery for what works for my drinking friends.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but are just an even way out for a Hangover cure and end the midnight madness.

1. Drink ! Drink ! Drink!

No. Street clear from the hair of the dog that bit you. Water is your best friend that will bring relief in this moment. Low sugar beverages, electrolytes, coconut water (pinch of salt) are the only drinks you should reach out for the morning after. Hydrate till you feel better.

2. Eat!

Some say Carbs- specifically, toast and juice. The Cleveland Clinic points to evidence sugars like honey and fruit can help move alcohol out of your system faster. Something we can surely say, contrary to popular belief, greasy foods will not help you to absorb a hangover. We recommend reaching for fruits like Bananas, because they are chock full of minerals like potassium that alcohol can deplete.

3. Time to chill and unwind!

After a night of making your liver party hard, time for your body to rest. Chilling while the hangover runs its course. Time to find comfort and solace while those martinis or rum and coke leaves your body.
A nice warm bath, snuggle in your favourite bathrobe and lounge with your infused water and favourite puzzle.

Anti Hangover Brands

Boozlo's Secret Tip:

An Iced-Matcha or a Kombucha. Ice-laden fountain Coke works like magic. Toast with your favourite toppings, whatever your stomach feels like soaking up but remember salt and pepper is a must.

These tips may or may not be supported by science, but something that might help you, give it a shot. Taking about shots and hangover fix,
some of the best and trusted ways to cure a hangover would definitely be: ARMR Shots. Packed with flavours, is an added bonus, when it comes to there anti-hangover shots . Another product which we swear by is Rebound Hangover fix. Fruity goodness and relief is all that you need after a mad party.
Morning fresh, is definitely going to make your morning fresh and rehydrated after a boozy night out. So what is stopping you from sipping on these Hangover relief sips, head to Boozlo.com and get your cure now!

And if you're like Gautam Joshi (writer at Boozlo), a terrible fuzzy hangover followed by an important meeting, in that case : Sweat it out! Gym or Wherever you feel like.

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