Bar food & drinks

Bar food and drinks that match better than Tinder!

Be it clubbing night, watching your game in a sports bar or a house party. Here's a list for pairing alcohol with the correct finger food and something many of us are painfully unaware of. (It's better than just peanuts and shrimp cocktail).

1. Mimosas and Cheese Quiche/Balls:

Nothing quite hits the palette like cheese at a sundowner or
Mimosas and Pancakes, if you're starting your day with bottomless mimosas and sweet fluffy pancakes.
(Add a touch of sophistication to your party with Bonne Maman's delectable jams and spreads, the perfect complement to your fluffy, golden pancakes. With flavors like classic strawberry and unique fig, Bonne Maman's high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods will impress even the most discerning guests)
2. Whiskey Sour and Trail Mix:

Get risky with your basic peanuts, add some
savory and salty meal in a glass. Dried cranberries and edamame in the trail mix will be a nice treat every few bites.
3. Vodka and Caviar:

Bring out the Russian in you. This is the OG combination one can ask for. If you're drinking shots, Well Vodka and Spicy food. Nothing like spicy cheese or pasta. Boozlo's favourite- OOo
4. Wine and Pizza or Wine and Nachos:

Ditch the classic cheese tray and bring out some flavours to go with your Cabernet or Zinfandel.
5. Dry Martini and Oyster:

Hello Miss Fancy Pants! Martini with a lemon twist goes perfect on an intimate date. Vegetarians : Dry Martini and Fried Olives.
6. Margaritas and Tacos:

These two have been best friends since years we can even recall.
With all the fancy options served above, you might be wondering, what do we have in our cart for you all. Something which is filling, tasty and easily available!
Is there something such? With Boozlo, such questions have only a yes as an answer!
Nachos and Nuts-Trail Mix are the best pals to every drink and the most commonly available ones too. Boozlo too has Nachos from Makino, which come in a whole lot of flavours and are surely to be your mock-buds.
Well if this crunch doesn't fill your needs, then Nuts and Trail mix by, The nut mixers, Open Secret, Nutki, Earthy Bliss, Flavure is surely going to!
But if you're someone looking for a jam or spread, to go in with your charcuterie, then Bonne Maman , is there to do justice with your taste buds.
Boozlo Twist : Tacos or nachos go well with Margaritas we universally know that, but Shreya Ahuja (Writer at Boozlo) likes getting paid for her fun twists : Samosas (vegetarian or a meat) The spices will bring things out of your Margarita night that you wouldn’t normally taste or imagine!

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