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TagZ Classic Combo Canz - (Pack of 9)

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3 Canz each of Masala Trekkin', Salt Trippin' and Cream Onion Divin'



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Masala Trekkin’

Say hello to our ultimate queen of Drama and Spice! Introducing you to Masala Trekkin' - The perfect blend of chatpata Indian spice and the crunchiness of popped potato chips! Adventure is the name of the game with a unique lip-smacking combination of flavour and spice. The high notes of the masala on your tongue is sure to remind you of an exhilarating high altitude trek. What's lacking? - Fat! More than 50% less fat. Guilt-free snacks that definitely don’t compromise on flavour! Rekindle your spicy romance with chips with a pack of Masala Trekkin'!


Sat trippin’

Road trippin' with your favorite allies is incomplete without some lip-smacking - Salt Trippin'. The open road, wind in your hair, thump of your motorcycle as you cruise down the highway and what better snack to indulge in other than Salt Trippin'? "It's only salt"- don't be trippin' because this crispy and crunchy snack brings out the simplicity of salt in unimaginable ways. If that wasn't good enough it also comes with 50% less fat! Covers every trip except the guilt trip!


Cream Onion Divin’

Look who just walked into the party - the coolest kind on the block - Cream Onion Divin'! He absolutely loves, yes you guessed it! Deep-sea diving! And not to forget the riot of colours under the calm sea. Fit with a flavour so smooth, yet bursting with taste and aroma. These crispy popped potato chips are definitely something you shouldn't be missing out on! Indulge in your steamy love affair with potato chips that pack a punch-Cream Onion Divin'. Not only does it deliver a rich taste, but it also contains 50% less fat! What are you waiting for? Order now!

About The Brand

Tagz Popped potato chips, loaded with flavours and surely packed with impeccable flavours.

    TagZ Classic Combo Canz - (Pack of 9)-Boozlo
    TagZ Classic Combo Canz - (Pack of 9)-Boozlo
    TagZ Classic Combo Canz - (Pack of 9)-Boozlo
    TagZ Classic Combo Canz - (Pack of 9)-Boozlo
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