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Rebound Hangover Fix - Lime (Pack Size)

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Made with natural ingredients. Clinically proven and 100% Safe

Get ready for a no-hangover morning after your party blast. A shot of Rebound after consuming alcohol promises a no hangover wake-up experience for you. Prepared with all-natural ingredients, Rebound has a sweet ginger punch flavour to give you a refreshing experience. Practise Rebound, experience refreshment.
  • Clinically proven, great tasting, natural anti-hangover drink for relief from headaches
  • Packed with antioxidants and vital electrolytes
  • Flushes out toxins and protects the liver. Hydrates and revitalizes the body
  • 100% safe to use product with no side effects. Non GMO and vegan friendly
  • Drink Rebound as the last shot on a party night and wake up the next morning refreshed and energised for a wholesome and productive day ahead!

Enjoy Hangover free wedding nights and parties with rebound.


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How To Use 

Shake well and drink as last shot of the day


Curcumin, Black pepper, Ginger and Green tea

Shelf Life

275 days

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Rebound Hangover Fix - Lime (Pack Size)
Rebound Hangover Fix - Lime (Pack Size)
Rebound Hangover Fix - Lime (Pack Size)
Rebound Hangover Fix - Lime (Pack Size)
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