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Shunya Fizz Classic Cola - 300ml (Pack Size)

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We got rid of all the bad but kept all the fizz and flavour. Every can of Shunya Fizz Classic Cola gives you the unbeatable flavour of Cola with unbelievable goodness. It’s a guilt-free fizz with 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 artificial sweeteners. That means no aspartame unlike the other zero-calorie drinks and none of its negative impacts! Being guilt-free also means no preservatives and no artificial flavours. So, every time you’re drinking Shunya Fizz, you know you’re choosing better. We cut out the caffeine and brought in Ashwagandha instead – a super herb that boosts energy and releases stress. To make things better still, every can of Shunya Fizz gives you an immunity boost with a generous dose of antioxidants and a whole lot of Vitamin C (50% of your Recommended Daily Allowance). Shunya Fizz is also clinically proven to be safe for kids and diabetics as it is completely sugar-free and is naturally sweetened with stevia. It fits perfectly into keto diets and vegans can enjoy this fizzy cold drink completely guilt-free too.



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Carbonated Water, Acidity Regulators [330,331(iii)],Vitamin C, Sweeteners (*960), Herb Ashwagandha & Salt.

Shelf Life:

9 months 

About The Brand

Shunya Experience healthy hydration with a super-herb infused drink enriched with vitamins and electrolytes with Shunya. Stay refreshed and support your wellbeing with powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Khus, and Kokum, while staying hydrated with the added boost of vitamins and electrolytes.

    Shunya Fizz Classic Cola - 300ml (Pack Size)-Boozlo
    Shunya Fizz Classic Cola - 300ml (Pack Size)-Boozlo
    Shunya Fizz Classic Cola - 300ml (Pack Size)-Boozlo
    Shunya Fizz Classic Cola - 300ml (Pack Size)-Boozlo
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