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Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)

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Taste original like water
70+ Trace minerals /Electrolytes / Anti-Oxidants & Amino Acids/ pH 8-8.5

Just like your favorite black hoodie, our Black Water is the right fit everywhere! Enriched with rare trace Elements, antioxidants, and electrolytes, here’s a can full of benefits.

ZERO calories, sugars, caffeine, flavoring, or dyes.

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Treated Ionized Water with Added Minerals Water Treatment Process: Sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis(RO),micron filtration, ionization, U.V treatment.

About The Brand

Booster Booster is a healthy beverage company that offers healthy water like alkaline , black water, & many more that enhance an active lifestyle.

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Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
Booster Black Water - 500ml (Pack Size)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Value For Money

"My Booster Black Drink Review after 1 Week of Trying It Out!

Hey everyone! 👋 I wanted to share my thoughts on Booster Black Drink after using it for a whole week. Honestly, I'm pretty amazed by the results I've been getting! 🌟

First off, let's talk about energy. I've been feeling way more energetic throughout the day ever since I started drinking this stuff. No more mid-afternoon slumps for me! Plus, I haven't experienced any of those jittery feelings like some other drinks give you. It's like a smooth, sustained boost of energy. 💥

But it's not just about energy - my focus has been on point too. I've been zoned in on my tasks at work and even during my workouts. Speaking of workouts, I've noticed a real difference in my endurance. I can push through my exercises without feeling totally drained afterward. 🏋️‍♀️

One unexpected bonus is how clear-headed I've been feeling. It's like the fog has lifted, and I can think more clearly and make decisions more easily. And I've been feeling pretty light and fresh, like I've given my body a bit of a detox. ☀️

Honestly, I didn't expect to see such noticeable changes in just a week, but Booster Black Drink has seriously impressed me. Can't wait to see how it continues to help me out on my wellness journey! 💪

Refreshing Boost:

Absolutely love the Booster Black Water! It's become my go-to drink for an energy boost during long workdays. The refreshing flavor keeps me hydrated and focused.

Neel Patel
Never received the product!!

In the first order both the items were delivered promptly but in second order, evocus was delivered but boster consignment never received it but was marked delivered!!!

And its easy to reach God but not the customer support

Good For health

Easy to digest...effective for acid control and other health issue

Extremely helpful

In simple words I am consuming black water since 22 Dec 2021 after 3 4 days my acidity is zero which was not at all cured by any doctor and I spend 1000s on allopathy and homeopathy but this water cured it.

Secondly it reduced my cholesterol level and due to this I am feeling very light and active as well.
I ordered 2 box also and it’s about to get end so ordering 3rd one now.
Must go .
Thanks Booster Water!!