Fancy garnishes that are a must to have at home!

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You can oomph up your cocktail game at home just by simply adding these easy to use garnishes. Right garnish not only makes your drinks super gorgeous but also adds up the flavour and even affects the way how your drink smells. So get ready to dive into the list of our top 5 garnish ideas for you.

1. Cheese Skewers

The combination of Wine and cheese is well known but surprisingly it goes well with cocktails too. Cheese cubes are usually served as sides but why not use them as garnishes on skewers? Pear old Cuban and Crazy Bloody Mary cocktails are the best ones for Ohh-so-Cheesy garnishing!

2. Salty, Spicy or everything nice.

The easiest yet classiest garnishing of all time is the salt rim.

All you need is a plate full of salt and some lime to moisten up the glass rim. Then, evenly dip your glass into the plate full of salt. Voila, there you go, this simple trick will make you a top notch hostess for your upcoming soirée.

For a cocktail on the sweeter side, a sugared rim works perfectly; all you need is lemon or lime juice and granulated sugar. Simply add the citrus juice to one plate and the sugar to another, dip the edges of the rim in the juice first, then dip it in the sugar, shake off the excess, and—voilà!—there you have it. Sugary rims are a great addition to colourful yet strong cocktails like cosmopolitan.

3. Pickles or Pickled Veggies

Pickle combined with cocktails, well, hats off to the person who invented this way off idea which surprisingly worked out great well. “Pickled Mango Mezcarit” and “It Sparks Joy”are the ones which can blow up your mind if tried with pickled garnishes.

4. Fresh herbs and leaves

Never underestimate the power of edible greens like Mint, dill, thyme, rosemary, lavender and pineapple fronds to make a cocktail look fresh and provide comfort to eyes. Most popular and readily available herb out of all is Mint. You must have seen it as an important ingredient in all kinds of Mojito recipes. You can even add it on a skewer stick. Works wonders in drinks like hot toddy.

5. Dehydrated or Canned Fruits

Avoid spending big bucks on garnishing and try this very easy and long shelf life garnish - Dehydrated or canned fruits. Almost every fruit can be dried up and used as an aesthetic cocktail garnish. Unlike fresh fruit garnishes, these ones don’t go bad quickly.

Boozlo's Tip:

Fancy some garnishes always at home helps being organised and is of great help for a last minute party, making you look like a pro. Our go-to suggestions are that instead of just regular lime and orange slices, keep dried cranberries and ditch just regular salt rims, opt for cinnamon or pink salt rims.

You have your food and drinks through your eyes first and that's what we swear by. A drink presented is sure to please the eyes and end your thirst. Garnishes do come in handy, when you need to give an edge to your drink. That flower or a wedged food elevates the drink.
To ease your task and add to the aesthetics of your drinks. Bab Louie and Co, have a range of products that are sure to please the eyes and the stomach.
With cocktail mixers and cocktail garnishes, they not only add life and soul to your drink but give you all the Bartender feels, at home. So what are you waiting for, head on to, garnish your drinks, and amp up your cocktail game.

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