Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Cocktails for coffee lovers- must try!

Why limit your favourite drink only to mornings? Jazz up your evening with coffee too. Doing so provides a creamy texture to your favorite beverage and levels up its flavor.
Coffee cocktails are a hit these days! Here are some drinks that are better than your regular espresso martini or iced coffee with a kick. Bailey's is great but coffee works with everything from vodka, rum to even gin.
1. LIIC- Spill the tea, Try some Beans
LIIT gets you in the groove for sure. Why not try it with coffee this time? I swear, this creamy coffee version is tasty yet boozy and works wonders. You’ll need Baileys, Kahlua, vodka, rum, and tequila. Shake it all up with your coffee and serve over ice.
2. Kahlua Midnight Coffee Cocktail
Intense blend of black coffee and rum, which is the perfect base for this coffee cocktail. Kahlua is one of the most commonly paired liquors to coffee. It is made of sugar, vanilla, coffee, and rum, resulting in a smooth drink. A prefered ingredient in many coffee cocktail recipes Also, it usually comes in combination with Irish cream.
3. Revolver Cocktail
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A spin on the regular Manhattan, bourbon paired with Tia Maria/ Kahlua, a coffee liqueur, instead of the standard sweet vermouth. An intriguing drink: sweet vanilla and oak notes as you start the sip, with a finish of lingering bittersweet coffee. Flame some Orange peel or Orange bitters to make it a total hit!
4. Coffee Buzz Martini
Just like Dalgona coffee that had the buzz going around, here's a boozy cocktail that is absolutely loved. Let me warn you : It's boozy and it's strong.
Bailey, Kahlua, and vodka for this, though you could swap the Baileys for heavy cream if you want to tone down the alcohol content. Add some of that whipped cream vodka, making it look pretty.
5. Espresso Negroni
Warned! I recommend making this unless you know you like Negroni, as it’s an acquired taste. Negroni, a grown-up cocktail already, and adding coffee will only make it more so.
A traditional Negroni ( gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, which is an Italian liquor that tastes like orange peel, cherry, clove, and cinnamon). This cocktail can be a touch bitter, but there are notes of cherry, wine, and citrus too, Add a shot of espresso and Voila!.
Boozlo's Tip:
Strong espresso negroni's or light vodka based ice coffee latte if you're having coffee cocktails on a wednesday night like Shreya Ahuja (Writer at boozlo) who has meetings the next day, I suggest you eat well before and after. Pair up with bar snacks like popcorn or pretzels.

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