Alkaline water

Black water or wat-an-error!

Drinks may come and go, and flavors may be added or subtracted, but ultimately, it's you coming back home to sip on water to quench your thirst and it can never be replaced whatever the case!
Plain and simple, you drink it and your job is done. It goes in your body, to do a whole lot of tasks. But do you think that just sipping and going in your body is enough to balance the imbalances created?

Hell, Nay!
With the fast-paced life and the supply of water at our doorsteps, it is difficult to get the nourishment required and it surely isn't healthy. Salty is what could describe it the best. What should be an alkaline drink, with higher pH, electrolytes and minerals. Calcium, Magnesium,
Potassium and Sodium packed, lacks that earthy flavor.

Can something be done at home?
Yes, alkalinity can be added through pinches of Baking soda or by using Lemon Water, turning that basic water, into an actual alkaline drink. With the health benefits of these, sipping it every morning is sure to give you that morning breeze of freshness.

Alkaline water brands - Alkalen, Booster water, Evocus- more than water

Boozlo's tip:
We recommend pitchers for making your alkaline water at home!
Take water and lemon wedges, along with some lemon juice for that zesty goodness. Add salt to taste and set overnight.
This drink is sure to help you start your day with a bang!

Is this effort worth it? Do you think that you'll be able to clear this hassle in the early morning? Wouldn't this be an added burden on you?
Well, well, fret not, because, for that, we have brands like Alkalen, Booster, and Evocus at your service whose black water maintain your body's pH.

Flavourful electrolyte drinks make you turn your back on your regular soft drinks and never come back.
Alakalen's berry and orange flavored drinks with that zing and basicity. They are supposed to have health benefits like reducing blood sugar, and blood pressure along with curing cysts and boosting metabolism.
Adding to the list, Booster Water serves unique yet enriched with rare trace Elements, antioxidants, and electrolytes, here’s a can full of benefits and Evocus is the brand making us go vocal over its alkaline drink infused with essential minerals with a pH of 8+. It has black water to offer, which has added minerals, and this black drink will surely fade your health blues. This back shouldn't be something you lack.

Is it worth the hype?
With benefits unending and the aid it provides, it's sure to make your every dime worth it. And with Boozlo at your service, these products and brands are just at the comfort of tapping and this alkaline is surely the all-cool-ine you need this summer!

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