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&Stirred Mojito - 125ml (Pack Size)

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Hemmingway developed a fondness for this scintillatingly citrus Cuban highball. Well, could you blame him? With notes of lime, sugar and mint this beauty goes well with white spirits and sunny afternoons.

Product description

  • Non-Alcoholic
  • No Preservatives (No Sodium Benzoate)
  • Just add 60ml spirit of your choice
  • Best served with Tequila
  • Made with Sicilian Lemons
  • Pro-bartender like Cocktails


More Information


Simple to make Cocktails - 125 ml + Lots of ice + & Stirred



Shelf Life:

18 Months

Country Of Origin:


About The Brand

& Stirred
We are a fun-loving, happy bunch with a single minded objective of replacing the Boring.
We love a Flavourful world around us and wish the same for you too. Cheers.

    &Stirred Mojito - 125ml (Pack Size)
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