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Slimjim Slushies - Mint Mojito (Pack of 2)

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Say Hello to a world of flavour

Mint Mojito

Mint, a herb which is loved by many and hated by few, we’ve taken those words to our crazy minds and come up with something just for you! Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for our minty, tangy and crazy Slushies Mint Mojito flavored cones, papers and roaches that promises to keep things cool just like Sub Zero. A perfect way to keep each session cool and frosty, enjoy our mint mojitos with a couple of burritos!


More Information

- Get 32 Flavoured Papers in each pack.

- Organic ingredients used to flavour each pack

The Slimjim Slushies come in 10 different flavours that will light up every experience.

About The Brand


    Slimjim Slushies - Mint Mojito (Pack of 2)-Boozlo
    Slimjim Slushies - Mint Mojito (Pack of 2)-Boozlo
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