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Bab Louie Orange Bitters - 100ml

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Bab Louie Orange Bitters are a blend of 15 special botanicals which add - FLAVOR - BALANCE - COMPLEXITY in just a few magical dashes. Our Homies and creative bartenders will love these exotic citrus bitters. Just a few dashes adds an edge to your spirits. These are slow-crafted bitters macerated in wooden oak barrels and aged for several weeks to bring out the perfect flavor.


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How To Use:

Negroni, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Bourbons, Citrus G&T's , Lager Beers & Wheat Beers. Try with your exotic citrus cocktails !!


This is a unique blend of bitter oranges, citrus peels, Indian herbs, spices and roots. Summing up a blend of 15 Special Indian botanicals. This is Non- Alcoholic, with Zero sugar and is 100 % Natural.

Shelf Life:

1 Year

About The Brand

Bab Louie & Co.

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    Bab Louie Orange Bitters - 100ml
    Bab Louie Orange Bitters - 100ml
    Bab Louie Orange Bitters - 100ml
    How To Use Bab Louie Orange Bitters - 100ml
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